Kate was diagnosed with a Pituitary Ademos (tumor) last year. For reference most pituitary tumors are slow growing, approximately 1-3mm/year, when removed hers was 16 mm. As you can see below, Kate’s prognosis is great. However, she has lost a year of income and is still on the “injured/reserve” list for a bit. This auction will help Kate with remaining medical bills, lost wages, and also to benefit and replenish funds for Cutters, Caring & Sharing to be available in the future for those in need.

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A little about Cutters, Caring & Sharing: The mission of Cutters Caring & Sharing (CC&S) is supporting the physical and social well-being of the PCCHA members whose current livelihood depends on the cutting horse industry. CC&S purpose is to help cutters and their families in need of assistance due to illness, accident, or other incident affecting their current livelihood. We are here to support and assist the PCCHA community members and their families experiencing a temporary hardship and get them back into the cutting horse industry. For more information, please see our guidelines and eligibility at https://pccha.com/Cutters_Caring_Sharing.asp